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You can send us a quotation for wholesale or purchasing products according to your needs, and we will give you a detailed quotation. No fees will be charged for the whole journey.


After the formal cooperation, we will provide our services within 24 hours.


The product you need, the price of the equivalent product is definitely lower than that on the market.

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We believe in unity in diversity, customer is in top priority for each individual of our company. We have a team of 10+ business development managers.

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We have high-quality suppliers who have been cooperating all year round to guarantee the quality of your products. At the same time provide the relevant certificate of origin.


For any query or feedback please let us know, our support services are 24/7 here to entertain your issues and rewards.







Global Exports Trading

Global Exports Trading

We have high-quality suppliers and strict quality control

Tradingexporter.com requires quality assurance for each supplier and strictly controls the products to meet the needs of each customer.

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Global Exports Trading

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